Massage has been practiced for many years, it is possibly one of the oldest forms of traditional healing used.  Massage is a therapeutic soft tissue treatment that has many benefits.  Massage assists with improving your general health and wellbeing.  It can resolve soft tissue pain caused by strain or injury, or from the day to day stresses of daily life. 


Benefits of Massage include:


  Reduced muscle tension                                                                                                                Improved sleep

  Improved circulation                                                                                                                       Increase flexibility and mobility

  Reduced inflammation in joints and soft tissue                                                                                                                                                

  Relieve stress and anxiety                                                                                                                    

  Boost the immune system through cellular waste elimination

  Alleviate pain and stiffness 


Massage may benefit conditions such as arthritis, asthma, back pain, headaches, immune system disorders, insomnia, jaw pain, joint strains and sprains, myofascial pain, repetitive strain injuries just to name a few.


There a range of different Massages techniques available


  Relaxation                    Remedial                     Deep Tissue                      Manual Lymphatic Drainage                     Pregnancy Massage

  Connective Tissue Massage                            Cupping                             Trigger Point Therapy                                 Chapman's Reflexes





Bowen Therapy

Bowen Therapy is a gentle, relaxing, non-invasive, remedial soft tissue therapy. The results of a Bowen treatment are often profound, although only light pressure is used on the body. It can provide fast, long-lasting relieve from pain and discomfort. In many cases only a few treatments are required to relieve the symptoms being experienced.  


The treatment comprises of placing pressure against a muscle, ligament or tendon, then gently rolling over that area.  This rolling over effect stimulates the muscle to become hydrated and releases tension previously held within that muscle. Reduced pain, increased flexibility and mobility generally occur.  


Throughout the treatment there are short breaks between the moves.  These wait periods allow time  for the body to recognise that it has been holding onto tension. The pauses give time for the body to process changes in muscle tension, thus allowing it to return to a relaxed state.  



Everyone can benefit from a Bowen Therapy treatment, from babies to the elderly.  It may assist with both old and new injuries, whether from sport, work, accidents and general daily aliments.  Both physical and emotional conditions will benefit from Bowen.  It is a very relaxing therapy.


A treatment will generally take between 45 minutes to an hour for an adult.  For babies it is only a couple of minutes and time varies for children depending on their age and their aliment.


Many conditions will respond to a Bowen Therapy treatment, some of which include:


  Headaches and Migraines                       Neck and jaw pain                                                                       Hormonal Complications           

  Stress and Anxiety                                    Respiratory and asthma complaints                                         Frozen Shoulder

  Digestive issues                                        Back pain and Sciatica                                                                  Bowel issues

  Fibromyalgia                                              Lymphatic conditions                                                                   Knee and Ankle pain

  Whiplash                                                    Acute and chronic fatigue                                                            Tennis elbow

  Colic                                                            Menstrual problems                                                                      


Recently a new client to Bowen therapy suggested that to understand how Bowen works you need to receive a treatment.  The benefits that they received from their first treatment where amazing.  Their pain reduced dramatically which then allowed them to sleep better, their energy levels increased, so too did their flexibility.  


Why don't you give Bowen Therapy a try and see the amazing benefits for yourself?